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Should I hide data with corrupt references?

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I'm working on a new version of Upload To which will support profiles (instead of selecting from a list of sites you will be able to create profiles which use one site as well as related and unrelated settings). It also allows the user to select Photobucket as a profile's method, however, as in previous versions the site is only available if the PhotobucketNet DLL is in the effects folder.

I'm not sure what UT should do if it finds a profile that uses Photobucket but the DLL has been removed?

  • [*:wwsgr0vx]Show all profiles in the profile config dialog including Photobucket (but possibly make it red) but hide it from the main window?
    [*:wwsgr0vx]Hide it from both windows (effectively disabling it)?
    [*:wwsgr0vx]Offer to delete the profiles for the user or resort to #1.

Thanks in advance.

Edit: Tweaked possible solutions.

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