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Line tool gradient?

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Is it possible to have something like a line tool gradient?



If not, maybe import your own gradient shapes into paint.net, like this:


(btw the new gradient is just an example, I don't really think anyone would actually want to use that gradient)

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Maybe in the future the gradients will get an upgrade. For now you might have to make a plugin that can made a gradient like that. Or maybe there is a way to do that effect that you haven't discovered yet. :wink:

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SimonB: ok i'll try that. Wither's tutorial works but custumbrushesmini will go faster, thanks

DarkShock91: Ok thanks! I'm reading Boltbaits tutorial right now. I looked up gradients, I guess the easiest way to do do it is just to make a line using the line tool, and blur it or make a brush for custombrushesmini, the problem with that is the size.

Thanks too all.

"The truth is just an excuse for having a lack of imagination."

Photobucket sucks!
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Depending on what exactly you are using the line tool for. But a trick is to isolate your lines in a separate layer, and then use blur in that layer. And remember blur also works with selection.

I often do like this:

Make my line drawings in a transparent layer.

Copy that layer.

Now put colors in the lover layer.

Remove the lines by filling them with a transparent color.

Make the colors “grow” with BoaltBaits feather tool.

Now I can work on the lines in the top layer.

But that said; I would love more possibilities working with the line tools.

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