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Tutorial Forum: How many steps is too little?

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What I mean is, in the Tutorial Publishing section of the forums, how many clicks is "too little/easy"? Like, the project can't be done with only "a few clicks"... how many clicks is that supposed to be?

Actually, I'm quite embarrassed here and this is, I believe, my second-ever post here at the forums, so please cope with my "newb-ness"! :roll:

Thank you for your "understanding" answers. 8)


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If the outcome of the tutorial is just a case of using a couple of the plug ins, for example twist, that anyone could do just by experimenting a bit then that`s a tut that`s not really needed.

If on the other hand it is a tutorial that could teach people something new and open their minds to new methods - that`s worth doing.

Take a look around the tutorial section and see what`s been done first in case the one you want to do has already been done. If you are new to the forums and PDN you should be doing tutorials , not writing them anyway (no offense) :D

Enjoy the program :wink:



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I am a bit weary of posting it here although I really want to, so I will post it on my site, MWHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! (jk) But it's more like for super-beginners.... who just want to do SOMETHING without installing plug-ins or going through complicated steps that don't work for them.


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If you are yearning to publish your methods but are hesitant with concerns of whether it will stand up to the Tutorial section's guidelines, I would suggest you create your own personal Pictorium gallery and post the finished product there, along side the steps to creating it.

You could even post it in one the Image Unbrellas if you wish, although your post may be at risk of being buried, whereas your gallery has a little more longevity with it being personally identifiable.

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For my two cents worth, I learn something from every tutorial...I don't care

if it's short, medium or long. I have learned a lot from PDN and look forward to each

and every tutorial. Tutorial writers spend many hours (of their time)...free time... for

PDN and I appreciate their every effort and hard work. And that's my thought and

I'm sticking to it.

Is it me --or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?

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