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Help with text boxes

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I am attempting:) to place text on a picture that will be used as a flyer.... It appears that I can't type all the text in 1 box, as I need different size text for different lines and it seems you can only change the size for all the text in that box.. or layer if that is the correct term. The problem seems that after I open a new box I can't go back to the rpevious layer to move it, such as centering or to change the text size... any help would be greatly appreciated... thanks

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if portions of your text are on separate layers, you can move the whole layer around with the Panelling plugin, or by using :MoveTool:

for instance, go to the appropriate layer, press Ctrl-A to select the whole layer, then use :MoveTool: to move it

if you want text centered around where you start typing, use :TextCenter: at the top

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Enough with the shouting already!

To lighten the background pic first select that layer, then go to the Adjustments menu & select the Brightness & Contrast option. Fiddle with the two sliders until you have the contrast you need for the text to stand out.

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