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inserting pictures into a header.

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I am new to all of this and yes, I have watched many tutorials but I still need the basics. How do I draw a rectangle (got that part) and then paste into it 3 or 4 digital pictures ,add text for a website header? I have tried for hours now and there is something I am missing.thanks

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Hello blueidbill.

Forgive me if this does not help. From what I have gathered from your description, you will need to:

- draw your rectangle with the Shape tool ( :RectangleTool: / :RoundedRectangleTool: ) (on a new layer may be best, but not yet essential);

- on a new layer (whether one was created before or not), type your text in your desired font, size and colour with the Text tool ( :TextTool: ) -- hit the 'Esc' key on your keyboard to finalise the text;

- flatten all the layers once you are happy with the result;

- save in the desired format: JPG is good for file size (less loading time, less bandwidth demand, et cetera) but not so good with quality; PNG is the reverse of JPG, where it is excellent with quality but not so with file size.


If you are wanting to copy and paste the one rectangle onto other images, it will be best to draw this on a new layer first. There you can highlight the rectangle with any of the Selection tools and copy and paste that wherever you like (the Edit menu will have the necessary commands). You can also move selected objects with the Move Pixels tool ( :MoveTool: )

Does this help you?

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- With the Text tool, type some text, but only that: do not finalise the text with the Esc key or whatever;

- on the Colors window, click anywhere on the colour wheel;

- you will notice the colour of your text change the colour you selected.

You can refine your colour choice as shown by the link Curmudgeon posted.

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