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Mouse slows down in the "image area"

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I used to love Paint.NET. But when I installed a recent version of it (v3.36) in a VMware Fusion v2.0.1 Win2003 R2 machine, I have found that my mouse slows down in the image area of the application. It's a consistent slowdown that goes away when the mouse is over a tool window or the chrome of the application.

I run a lot of software and have never seen this slowdown before. I run .NET apps, WPF apps, Flash apps, DirectX apps - none of them demonstrate the slowdown like Paint.NET. What could it be about Paint.NET's client region that would cause this?


Machine: MacBook 13" running VMware Fusion v2.0.1

OS: Win2003 R2

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I've found that virtual machines have radically different performance characteristics. Sometimes things run at full speed, other times they run significantly slower.

If you're using the brush tool, Paint.NET is actually redrawing a small area of the canvas whenever you move the mouse (it's drawing a circle to preview the brush size -- might not be visible unless you jump to a larger brush size). Try switching to the Rectangle Selection tool and see if the lag goes away.

I use Parallels on my MacBook Pro and it runs pretty good, although it has its own quirks.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Hello praeclarum.

I am Jenny, working with graphic designer company. You can see that any website's image part will take more time to load because images are always more loaded than text appearence. I can understand your problem of slow mouse working due to image part. The mouse will definetly go slow when you are using any image processing software like photoshop, 3D animation or paint.net.

r4 games

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