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I'm new here, but I've been using Paint.NET for a while, and I decided it's time I join the forums to pick up tips to really improve my work. I've kinda hit a wall recently.

Most of my stuff is random, and I hardly spend more than 20 minutes on it. I'm going to post what I feel is worthy of sight. The first few are my my personal favs

(Oh btw, you can call me Woody incase you're wondering if the "@"s are "A"s or "O"s)

Hidden Content:
Hidden Content:

Made this yesterday I believe. The AB is how my friend signs his initials, then I used the Weave plugin, followed by a series of "Glow" "Soften" "Film" and finally I used "Smudge" to warp the edges.

Hidden Content:

Hidden Content:

A lot of people tell me they love this

Hidden Content:


Those last two were for a School Project. I scrapped them both.

Hidden Content:

Never actually watched 24 lol

Hidden Content:

Hidden Content:

Don't ask how I get the inspiration for some of these pics, cus honestly I haven't a clue

Hidden Content:


Those two were for a friend

Hidden Content:

His name is Ricky

Hidden Content:

I'm...not really sure on this one...It's relevant to the America's Army forums, I know that. Coe is a mod there...can't remember how I got psychrolutes though...huh...

Hidden Content:

This still makes me giggle like a school girl it's so cheesy

Hidden Content:

Something to do with a sugar rush, that's all I remember.

Hidden Content:


Hidden Content:

This was my very first picture I ever made with Paint.NET Don't be hatin :lol:

Hidden Content:

New one. I really like it regardless of what you say lol.

Here's the original pic


Ask if you want to know how I did it. It was a lot if I remember right.

New Addition

Hidden Content:

I made this one for Coe. I followed that Space tutorial for a few other pics. This one I didn't really follow the tut, I just messed around with things til I liked it. Overall I like it. I screwed up a few times (I didn't like the noise level, but couldnt go back to fix it because I merged the layers eons back)

You can see my more recent work is towards the top and are a lot better than the last few lol

So, what do you think?

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The first one: Love it! Good effects and good use of the Smudge plugin. 8/10

The second one: Yeah, it's good but basic. 6/10

The third one: I like it, but I don't love it, seems pretty basic to me. Maybe some other effects added would help. 7/10

The fourth one: I'm not such a fan of this one but it's OK. 6/10

The fifth one: Yeah, again too basic for me. 5/10

The sixth one: Good one! Did you create the lens flares yourself? If you did 8/10, if not 7/10.

The seventh one: I like it. Good colour scheme, they all match up. 6.5/10

The eighth one: A bit random, but whatever. 5/10

The ninth one: Basic but well done. Good extraction of the eagle. 7/10

The tenth one: Nice! Good effects. 7.25/10

The eleventh one: Did you make the hamster yourself? Good one though, made me giggle, your others are better though. 6/10

The twelfth one: Quite weird but again good colours. 7/10

The thirteenth one: The cow is hilarious, makes me laugh too! 8/10

The fourteenth one: I can definitely tell that was made on a sugar high, funny though. 7.9/10

The fifteenth one: Nice cat! Basic though, try adding a background and some effects. 6/10

The sixteenth one: For your first picture, it's good, I suppose. Compared to your stuff now though, 3/10, sorry :)

That took a while but I hope you take my comments on board.

Thanks for that laugh... Moochos gracias! Hilarious!

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Haha thanks for the improved cow. The cow wasn't original unfortunately. Neither was the idea :roll:

Someone made it into a Bday card for our Spanish teacher, when I heard about it I died laughing. Sometimes even the simplest things just kill me.

I know a lot of them are pretty simple. I don't like to spend too much time on my pictures unfortunately. A lot of those are months old as well, and I've gotten better.

I made something yesterday, I'll add that in in a moment. I'm also working on something currently. This one is for my girl so I'm putting a lot of effort into it. I'll give you previews when I get somewhere. Right now I'm just experimenting with different ideas and styles.

Any tips to help recreate the index of refraction in glass/crystal objects? I'm using the 3D cube render, setting text behind it, then selecting each side individually, moving back to the text layer, and applying a bulge distortion. After that I change the angle of the text to help match the side.

It's working so far, but it's a lot of work lol

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The cow wasn't original unfortunately.

You didn't make the cow then? I'm going to have to rerate in that case: 4/10, sorry :(

Any tips to help recreate the index of refraction in glass/crystal objects?

I don't but try looking here.

it's a lot of work

PdN always is.

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great work but all the hide tags make me dizzy maybe you could condense them into groups? like in my gallery...


"Clearly it's a very serious and literal meaning. If you're not solving physics equations then get off my lawn!-Rick Brewster Paint.net Lead Developer"

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