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Strange a4 resize printing problems

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Hey everyone, first post :)

I've been trying to create an A4 leafet for business. Now I have the right dimensions,

2480 x 3508 pixels or

8.29 x 11.69 inches with 300dpi

but when I print the image, it's huuuuge! Takes up 2 pages.

Anyone have any ideas?

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I think I found your problem. I made an image that was 2480 X 3508 and the print size in inches was nowhere close what you said it was. It has a print size of 25.83 X 36.54 in which is more than three times the size you wanted. Here is what I got:


If you want the image to be 8.29 X 11.69 you will have to use the pixel size of 796 X 1122. Hope this helped. :wink:

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The dimensions of the image divided by the resolution (pixels/inch or whatever) will give you the final dimensions.

If you're having problems with printing Try Simon Brown's Printer+ plugin: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=27968

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