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Hey everyone,

I do not know if this is available yet... maybe a new feature in newer versions?

I want to add affects/adjustments to the 'Tools' window that is off to the side:


Can this be done?

I've got several effects/adjustments I use regularly and I'd love to have easier access to them rather then going through the menu system.

Thank you and God bless,



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That is a clever idea. I personally would like to see a small Effect/Adjustments window that can be place to the right between History and Layers. It would be neat to have a feature on it which lets you add you favorite and most used effects and adjustments as a shortcut.

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Have you not tried keyboard shortcuts? They can be extremely quickening once you've learned them, expediting many common tasks; albeit only for built-in functions.

You see, whilst your plight can be sympathised with, such a move would unnecessarily clutter the Tools window, even if only one or two frequently-used effects were to be displayed. As well, the Tools window is for tools - in the sense of the Paintbrush or Shape tools, like the real-world equivalents of a brush and shaped stamp, respectively - not for effects.

One of the aims of Paint.NET is to be easily accessible for a wide variety of ability levels, therefore having two locations for effects (the menu and the Tools window) would have Paint.NET act in a confusing manner. Even the option to enable/disable this feature would set against previous nay-saying for a preferences dialog:

I have always been fiercely against providing a dialog like this in Paint.NET because they can easily degrade into a buffet of confusing checkboxes, radio buttons, and all sorts of propeller-head idiocy. Sometimes you end up needing a large supplementary manual just for this portion of the user interface.

Saying that, that very blog post postulates the need for one, but it was intended for versions past, and we still don't have one - Rick is now concentrating moreso on PdN 3.5/4.0. On similar lines, I'm not Rick, therefore I cannot predict what features or dialogs will appear, so, who knows? Maybe your suggestion could be around the corner, but I wouldn't hold your breath too long.

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