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Problem with right click's function

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I am trying to move shapes while drawing them, and according to the Paint.NET help, I'm supposed to do so by holding down the right mouse button as I am drawing with the left. My Problem is that once I hold down the right mouse button while still holding down left mouse button and move the mouse, it finalizes the shape I was drawing, and starts drawing a new shape with the secondary color. Can anyone help?

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Ah, thank you, and so it does! Well, I think that it's an extremely useful tool to be able to move shapes while you are drawing them because it allows you to draw your shapes perfectly without having to draw them a million times, or mess around with marquees and new layers. I'd like to suggest adding this function into the program, maybe by holding the space bar since for laptop users like me, holding both mouse buttons can become a bit of a game of finger twister.

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