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How do I make super thin lines, without using the pencil?

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no problem always time to learn. no half pixels yet as far as I've ever found out. unless the gods of computor are holding out on us.

ciao OMA

PS I'm an old grandmother so coming at computors from the other end of the life scale. most of this is all very different for me as well. :wink: did you happen to figure out where to change the size of your picture? along top where is says images>resize

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Is there anyway to make it any thinner than 1?

Honestly, I laughed when I read this. :lol:

There's no way to make a line thinner than one pixel. Unless you want an invisible line. :D

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I think it's possible, most of the lines you draw aren't exactly the brush width, remember anti-alias, so maybe with a brush width of 0,5 you would get a grey 1 pixel line.


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