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Add an option to the "Do you want to save this file" dialog?

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If I close a changed file, it would help if I could get the option to not just save the file, but save it with a new name (Save As rather than Save). Currently, I have to Save As and then close the file. It would work smoother the other way as I wouldn't have to remember that I want to change the name.

Will Pittenger

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Then PDN would check if any data would be lost when saving, for example: You have an image saved as a .png and you create a new layer and draw something on it, then you would still get the save as... window, because if it was saved as .png you would lose the data of the original image underneath the pixels you drew over.


History repeats itself, because nobody was paying attention the first time.

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I don't see how it's a workaround - the "save" option exists AFAIK simply because it's a common action users want to carry out before quitting, rather than force them to click "cancel" and then save.

If your definition of a workaround is doing without a new feature, rather than living with a bug or glitch, then yes, it's a workaround. However, if you go down that path you might as well "improve" the "save changes" dialog by adding options such as "print and then close," "save the top layer and then close" and "select the second layer, run clouds and then close."

Just my 20 pence.

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