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Mero's Smiley Tutorial

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my other outcomes:


i used a few different settings on mine though but the outcome should be similar for you. i didnt include the shadow part behind my smileys to the tutorial. i forgot to add it sorry :(

You can do the under shadow by:

1. Duplicate the circle layer

2. Change the color of the bottom circle layer to black.

3. Use Gaussian Blur or feather on the black circle

4. Done. You now have the shadow thingy like mine.

I also apologize for any spelling or grammar errors.

some plugins are required to use this tut!

<-these links contains all of the plugins required.

feel free to ask questions.

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I've made one it looks like yours so I don't even know why I'm posting it but here's my crack at it:


I can't use my drop shadow plugin so the shadow is Outlined and opacity settings..

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