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AFG A couple of works with PDN

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@ Sokagirl : it’s one of the few works i have done where i was happy with the finished effect :)

@ Helen : your comments always make me feel im getting somewhere with pdn :)

@ Barbieq : it was going to be bow ties but i decided to give them more of a laid back Sinatra look :)

@ Chad : thanks mate :)

@ Oma : it’s true , if Peterpawn had not made that small challenge Moon Dance would probably never happened :)

@ Gamer_World14 : i like to try and do different work :)

@ Bjarni : illusion will be back, im just in a bit of a musical phase at the moment :)

@ chrisco97 : yes it’s 100% pdn, came out of a challenge to create and use bars in a different or unusual way :)

@ LibbyH : have a look at theonlychad concrete texture tut, it’s amazing what can grow from it :)

@ janettsue : thank you, it means a lot to me :)

Thank you for taking the time to drop a comment and look at my work i always really appreciate it and it does mean a lot to me :D

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@ Helen: thanks Helen, you know the reason behind it :)

@ Bjarni : there's a good reason why it is so busy :)

@ Frontcannon : to cut a long story short, 'Show Time' came about because of a statement made by a very pompous and arrogant man (not from this or any other forum) , the statement made was basically that Digital art was very easy and with no prior knowledge of PDN or the work i would post he would be able to recreate it with in one week, if he fails he has to pick up the bill for a meal for two at a restaurant of my choice, i can smell the steaks already :lol::lol:

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