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Replacing colors in .gif

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Hello..First time poster here.

I have a .gif of a map of the USA that has different colors for groups of the states. I would like to change the color of these groups’ states by replacing the current color with some other color but when I try it changes the colors of all the states not just certain color. Is this possible?

Thanks for your time


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You need to define your selection before recoloring. Use the magic wand tool :MagicWandTool: and turn the tolerance (%) down until it only selects the color/states you want.

What method are you using to change the color?

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I also need help on this subject. I am a newbie in PDN and try to do the same thing described in the post. I am trying to change all the colour black into another colour.

1) I use the magic wand select the whole picture.

2) Change the tolerence to 1%.

3) Then I select the recolor tool. I saw the image is blocked by dotted line.

In the bottom message, it is saying Recolor: Left click to replace the secondary color with the primary color. I try to open the color window and change the primary/secondary colour but doesn't seem like doing anything.

Any advice?

Thanks in advance. Any help is appreciated.

p.s. I did check the help manual for recolor tool but doesn't help.

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If your image is a fairly simple one, simply replacing the color with the paint bucket tool :PaintBucketTool: should do the job (rather than all that selecting stuff above).

The paint bucket tool uses the primary color to flood/replace the color you click on with the primary color, to use the secondary color, use the right mouse button.

This tool also has a tolerance slider so you can select how many/few neighbouring pixels of similar value are also colored. A very low tolerance will fill only the color you click on, a high tolerance means more pixels will also be colored. If too many other pixels are recolored when you click, undo, lower the tolerance & try again.

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Thank you for your reply. The method you mentioned doesn't quite do the job I need. I have attached a sample of the image. It is a chart with grid on it. If I use your method, I need to fill in one grid square at a time and can't do the colour change of the white grid.

I need to change all the background(black) in the image to say green and the grid line(white) to yellow. Any other suggestion? Thank you for your help.



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