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Google Announces new cloud OS: Chrome OS

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Mostly good for netbooks, and maybe google is going to far with it's internet obsession, I mean it's nice, but creating an OS just for a better web experience may not be a smart thing.


History repeats itself, because nobody was paying attention the first time.

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I read a Yahoo! Tech article on this subject, and the writer made a good point...the problem is 90% of the program in the world runs on Windows, and software authors are "forced" to code for Windows. If Google was successful in launching the Chrome OS, it will still need to be able to load/run Windows-based program in the background. That was the issue I had when I installed and used Ubuntu for a short time. I have seen Wine, but apparently that area is still struggling to integrate Windows' programs into Wine due to so many bugs. Once again, Microsoft would be on top of things, and it isn't likely to dent Windows any time soon. When Apple was floundering back in the 90s, Microsoft came to their rescue and had to tell them in order for them to get money, they had to install Internet Explorer and some other software.

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On the other hand, Google are first aiming for the netbook market (according to what i've read), given that netbooks seem to me to be intended for mainly browsing the web (if I recall those were the main kind of icons on the desktop of my Aspire One before I installed Ubuntu on it) they may not face such problems until they've had time to take their chances with the netbook market.

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