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squaring off an image

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Hey all,

I've tried searching the forums for an answer but couldn't find anything specific.

Is there a way to make a skewed image square? I have an image that is 720 x 720 (yes already square) but it's contents are slightly skewed. Is there a way I could choose the four corners within that skewed image and then stretch that out to 720 x 720?


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when someone wants to skew a squared picture they generally use oblique plug in (part of Madjiks pkg) y

I can't see why this can not be used reversely. You'd have to play around with the settings, but the plugin is fairly easy to understand, just move the little x in direction of the arrows. I haven't tested the plugin to do that but I'm thinking depending on how out of alignment original picture is it may result in some blank areas in the corners, requiring a crop down in size of original after using the plugin. if you need to get back to the orginal size just go to image > resize and type in your original size. Be warned upsizing a picture will no doubt loose some of the clarity. if its just a few pixels it may not matter but then again that depends of the photo.

it is worth a try to salvage your photo.

suggest you try it on a duplicate of your original first wouldn't want you to loose that precious photo captured moment. !

edit: another way which you may find easier is to make the canvas a bit larger than the picture and then use right mouse button to rotate the image to straight alignment. and crop out to original size. this one will for sure loose a bit of clarity but maybe using sharpen+ or one the other photo adjustments plugins will fix that up.

ciao OMA

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Use the move tool :MoveTool: and the right mouse key to rotate the image.

Next switch to the rectangle select tool :RectangleSelectTool: and hold down the shift key when you make the selection. This squares the selection.

In the status bar you will see the size of the selection, stop dragging when it gets to 720x720.

Now switch to the move selection tool :MoveSelectionTool: (not Move tool), and move the selection whereever you want it.

Press cntrl + Shift + X to crop the image to the square selection.

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