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Transparency Q

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Here's what I want to do: Design a graphic with a transparent background, such that when I place the graphic on a website, the website's own background will show through in the graphic's background.

Here's how I tried to do it: Designed the graphic, selected the color White, turned transparency all the way down to zero, used the paint can to fill the background with that "transparent white" color.

Here was the result: A white background, not a transparent background.

Here was something unexpected: Though I used the paint can to fill with the transparent version of the white color, when I used the dropper to pick up that color from the image, it picked up a completely opaque version. So for example, I set transparency to zero, use paint can, then immediately use dropper, and watch in frustration as I see the transparency setting jump right back up to 255 instead of 0 when I pick up the color with the dropper.

Here's my question: Is it possible to do what I want to do, and if so, what am I doing wrong, and what should I be doing?

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Using the paint bucket tool that way won't work.

Imagine painting a white area with an invisible coat of paint. It would still be white, right?

When starting on a picture select the whole picture (Ctrl + A) and delete. If you like having a white background when you're working on a picture just open a new layer :AddNewLayer: and make sure you're working on that layer.

If you've already made a picture and the background isn't on a separate layer you can use the magic wand tool :MagicWandTool: , click the background and delete. This is the easiest way but it will result in an aliased picture.

There are other ways that will give you a better result like Alpha masking but they are kinda advanced.

Hope this helps.

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