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Moving Selections By Keyboard => unexpected behaviour

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Hello everyone,

when i select an area, and move the selection by mouse its all fine, it moves, and there is nothing left underneath.

When i need more precision and move the same selected region with my cursor keys, the area underneath duplicated (my layers are correct dont worry). I tried to reproduce this, and grabbed just the same pixels with my mouse moved it around, and without deselecting moved it by keyboard. The selected pixels move as intended, but the spot where i grabbed them from isnt empty as expected, they are still there.

Paint.net 3.36


Intel Quad, 4GB Ram.

.Net Framework 3.5

Greets, tom

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yea, so i didnt have to move the image pixelwise. when holding CTRL down it moved in 10 pixel blocks.

in case that was some kind of duplicate-move command, how can i move the block more than 1px at a time, without holding ctrl down ? :P

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