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Line/Curve Tool - Extra points plugin?

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Been looking for a way to make doing the linework of complex, non-linear shapes simpler, because the line tool only has four points to work it's positioning with, and I haven't found any plugins that add extra points, and was wondering if there are any in existance that someone could point me to.

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You should use search before asking a question. This question has been asked many, many times.

A plugin can't do this. It would have to be hardcoded into the program. Plugins can only do effects, adjustments, and filetypes.

Now, as for a workaround: there are a few shapes plugins out there. Use searchpaint.net to find them.


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Hello swscully. :)
Sorry, but this thread is several years old. I'd suggest you read the forum rules, such as # 11, http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/2932-read-first-the-rules-yes-you-read-this-2013-12-21/
If you are interesting in this thread's topic, you can start a new thread about it. :)

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Hello @swscully and Welcome to the forum.


It would be a good idea to read the Rules on posting on the Forum found here and especially #11.  The above person posted over five years ago ;) .


Edit:  Snap ........ I posted at exactly the same time as cc4 :lightning:

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