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How to create guides for cutting slices?

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if I have many elements in my work, and I want to cut them separately (menu items for example), can I border them with some guides and then cut them in slices somehow? For example, when I do it now, I don't know when I stopped last time I cut the last element if I don't have some boundaries (guides).

Do I need some plug in for that?

Thanks in advance for the answer

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I have had to divide a .png into several parts(slices)....so what I did was make my selection , copy/paste as a new image, then went back and deleted the copied area from the original. Then went back and selected the other area left over, repeated the copy/paste...repeated this several times unitl I completed all the parts(slices)..........its a little time consumer but I had the time to do that.........I did try several other ways but this seemed to work the best........like coloring the area or trying to exact a line but deleting the area was the easiest............good luck..

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