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Cutout Effect Plug-In

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Here it is: the Cutout Effect Plugin.

This is Based on Seared Ice's Tutorial here.

It is also implemented from a Plugin request here.


Download the dll here.

Download the simple source and Visual Studio solution here.

Here is a formula for how many colors there will be:

C = (256/I)^4

Edited; file moved to getpaint.net


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Several times I tried to use the cutout effect and each time got only a Plugin Error message telling me to restart Paint.Net.


I went to the effects folder in PDN to remove the cutouteffect dll, before installing a newly downloaded version of the dll, but there was no cutouteffect dll to remove (or anything similar); and yet '"cutout" still appears in the effects drop-down menu.


So, I put the newly downloaded dll in the effects folder and restarted PDN. "Cutout" then appeared twice in the drop-down menu, but clicking on either one just returned the original plugin error message.


I removed the dll from the effects folder and restarted but only one of listing's of "cutout" had disappeared from the drop-down menu.

1. How can "cutout" still appear in the drop-down menu when there is no cutouteffect dll in the Effects Folder ?


2. What else, besides delete the dll from the Effects folder, can I do to to remove "cutout" from the drop-down menu ?

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Cutout is part of Illnab's plugin pack (illnabPlugins.dll).

Unfortunately - if you remove the dll then the other effects ( Alpha Mask, Cutout Effect, Advanced Greyscale, Point Warp, Polar to Rect) won't work either. It's all-or-nothing I'm afraid :/

If you're not using the other effects, then simply remove the dll mentioned.

I'm not sure if reinstalling the stand-alone cutout effect (from the dll link in the first post of this thread) will reproduce the error or not.

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Thanks. I'd forgotten that I deleted "cutouteffect.dll when I installed Illnab's plugin pack. That explains the drop-down-menu-cutout-icon-without-corresponding-cutouteffect dll-mystery.

FYI: The cutout effect just produces an error message regardless of which dll is installed separately. Oh well—so sad.

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From the source file on the first post you could compile your own DLL with CodeLab:

// Name: CutOut Effect
// Title: CutOut Effect
// Author: Illnab1024
// Submenu: Color
// URL: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/1533-cutout-effect-plug-in/

#region UICode
int Amount1=32;	//[1,255]Amount

void Render(Surface dst, Surface src, Rectangle rect)
int interval = (Amount1);
int R;
int B;
int G;
int A;
float divR;
float divB;
float divG;
float divA;

ColorBgra CurrentPixel;
for (int y = rect.Top; y < rect.Bottom; y++)
	for (int x = rect.Left; x < rect.Right; x++)
		ColorBgra source = src[x, y];
		divR = source.R / interval;
		divB = source.B / interval;
		divG = source.G / interval;
		divA = source.A / interval;
		R = (int)System.Math.Ceiling(divR);
		B = (int)System.Math.Ceiling(divB);
		G = (int)System.Math.Ceiling(divG);
		A = (int)System.Math.Ceiling(divA);
		R *= interval;
		B *= interval;
		G *= interval;
		A = 255; //A * interval;
		ColorBgra fin = dst[x, y];
		fin.R = (byte)(R);
		fin.B = (byte)(;
		fin.G = (byte)(G);
		fin.A = (byte)(A);
		dst[x, y] = fin;

Save this code as Cutout.cs

Open this file within CodeLab

Save as DLL

Close/open PDN


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