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~ Athena's Tutorial On A 3D Looking Background ~


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You'll be making something like:


Plugins Needed:



(Sorry, no links!)

1. Get a new canvas with the dimensions of 800x600.

2. Color the canvas with your base color. (Main color)

3. Start making ellipses of circles from the top left corner down to the bottom right getting darker every ellipse.


4. Now stitch the photo.

Amount: 260

Width: 1

Seed: 0

5. Film the photo.

Grain: 1

Discoloration: 0.37

/5.A (Checkup!). Your picture should now look something like this:


/5.A (Optional). You can put your name on it somewhere if you want too.

Good fonts available at DaFont.

Please post results! :D

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