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Truthism: The Truth?

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My favorite part is...

"Human beings were created (that is, invented)

via genetic experiments that were conducted by

reptilian aliens. These reptilian aliens, also known

as the "Anunnaki" or the "Reptilians," still rule the

Earth to this day.

In fact, the Reptilians have indoctrinated you so

thoroughly that you are probably too weak-minded to

even fathom that they exist. Via religion, science, and"...bla bla bla

I guess this next section explains everything....

"You can see the Reptilians via meditating, using hallucinogenic drugs, and sleep paralysis. However, these are the fourth-dimensional Reptilians, not the third-dimensional ones--but more on all of this later."

hissss hisss slither slither Hey what was that? :shock:


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You guys see any of the videos showing the so called "Reptilians". With there 2nd eye lids.

You fools it not a 2nd eye lid, look at it, it the white part of the eye showing because the purlp has not moved back into place after the blink. If you turn to look the other way and look back real fast at the same time you blink, it can happen. It notthing more then that.

I got to say I am all for beliefs, so don't get me wrong. Matter a fact I got my own and I don't say anyone else here has them as they are my own and no one elses. But when your beliefs start to invole hurting others because your crazy and see things that are not there, then I think it's time to A) get on lots of med and put on your new jacket with the long sleves that tie at the back or B)Stop taking the med and put on your new jacket with the long sleves that tie at the back.

One of these days one of these nut jobs are going to start killing people on the street and saying "Die Reptilians" before they blow there brains out because they think the cop trying to stop them is a Reptilian.

Look around on the net and see how many of these nut jobs there really are and read some of their comments. Hell anyone that opposes their view is in fact to them a "Reptilian" or "Brain Washed Person".

See this is the kinda stuff that going to make me snap one day.

.... Crazy .... nut ... job .... with .... there ... crazy ...............

OMG its a Reptilian and he coming to kill me before I warn the others.

EDIT: i really do hope these idiots are joking when they say they killed people at and around Archuleta Mesa because they where hleping the so called "Reptilian". http://www.dulce-base.com/index_files/page0003.html

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First thought: Oh, my eyes hurt after looking at the page for a second. Better change the font colour in Firebug.

Second thought: Great, I'm getting a pysch lesson by some looney of the internet.

Third thought: Now it's red text hurting my eyes.

Fourth thought:

1.) Reject the information on this website due to the fact that you do not want to feel like you've been lied to your entire life.


2.) Accept the information on this website, and then use it to make yourself feel superior to other human beings.

He missed out a point here: 3. Wonder how long this person spent typing all of this stuff out, and then also wonder in how he can call everyone else irritational in that his arguments are purely ambigious at best, and therefore irritational as well, in basing in that his claims are the truth, yet if it was the truth, then how come we don't believe it, as what society believes to be true is how we manage to function in a society in the first place?

Fifth thought: More stuff which depends on him knowing that he's right blah blah blah this is getting boring now. It's also hurting my eyes even more.

Sixth thought: I need to stop thinking of the counter-argument "Where's the damn proof then, sonny boy?", and just start thinking, "If any elitest government so this website, which they will be able to, then how come I'm reading it now?"

Seventh thought: And now when he finally comes around to mention the idea about truth;

What you really mean is that you need proof only when it comes to believing this information.


Whereas, you don't need proof in order to believe an authority figure.

This is skewed in that I'm pretty sure no-one ever believes what the people in charge say unless they're a five year old; we can't do anything about it.

Eighth thought: Pictures as proof. So, one second ago he's saying truth effectively doesn't exist but he now has to prove it to us?

Ninth thought: Oh god, not the dollar bill stuff. One more stupid thing like this, and I'm hitting the sack for the night.

Tenth thought:

The so-called "science" that the Reptilians have doled out to humanity so far is grossly incomplete (not to mention inaccurate), and therefore is a form of control:

Nope, due to that we probably aren't as techically or mentally advanced, which probably is something we could both manage to agree on, somehow.

Eleventh thought: Getting sick of the arrogant "I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING" stuff when it blantly isn't, I mean, who seriously believes going through a webpage on the internet and commentating on it counts as defending logic and all that? I find it interesting to see a viewpoint like this, although I'll find it more interesting looking on wikipedia to see how many times the page about Truthists has been vandilised.

Twelth thought: Seeing as he's now going on about the Nazis; probably going to say they were right or some rubbish like that.

Thirteenth thought: Scroll through the thing as fast as you can. HURRY.

Fourtheenth thought: To conclude, my counter checkmate, if the aliens are so opposed to the truth being revealed, then how are you able to post this and let us see the real truth? Or, then again, seeing as our opinion of what the truth is based of what others opinion of the truth is; shouldn't it be up to us to discover the real truth?

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