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~ Athena's Tutorial on Web Text Design ~


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Hi. You'll be making something like this:


Plugin A needed: Fade edge (Sorry, no link!)

Plugin B needed: Outline object (Sorry, no link!)

1. Choose a font and think of what your 'word' will be.

My font: Organic Elements

2. Make a canvas with the dimension 350x150.

3. Paint the canvas with your base color. (As shown in the top which is sky blue)


4. Fade the edge of your base color.

Effects > Photo > Fade Edge

Width: 5

Power: 0.63

You can change width and power to your own likings.


5. Create a new layer, :AddNewLayer: name it 'Background B' and color it the background color. (Note: This will only be seen very minimally)

6. Fade the edge of 'Background B' (The new layer).

Width: 3

Power: 0.37

You can change width and power to your own likings.

/6.A (Optional). Make a new layer :AddNewLayer: and place it on the top, name it 'Lined Effect'

/6.B Select the paint bucket and change the 'Fill Mode' to 'Dark Upward Diagonal'.

/6.C Make your primary color invisible, and your secondary colour white.

/6.D Click on the 'Lined Effect' layer giving it a big lined effect.

/6.E Change the opacity to the new layer to around 40 - 100. I chose 80.

7. Merge all of the layers together.

/7.A (Checkup!). You should now have something like this:


/7.A (Optional). If you don't like the edge, you can use another fade effect.

Width: 9

Power: 0.33

8. Now, make another layer and name it 'Font' choose font size 40 and select the font that you want to use, (I used Organic Elements) and write what you want to write.

/8.A (Optional). If you want to border the text, use your 'Outline Object' under Effects > Photo > Outline Object.

I used:

Width: 6

Softness: 231

/8.A (Checkup!). Your picture should now look something like this:


9. Make a new layer, :AddNewLayer: name the new layer 'Shine Effect', and select the 'Rectangle Select' tool and select co-ordinates: 9, 9 to 289, 79.

10. Select the 'Elipse' tool and draw an elipse the same color as your base color about half way down the text.


11. Make the layer 'Shine Effect's opactity around 40 - 100. I chose 60.

12. Merge all of the layers together, and there you have it! A crappy yet functional web text button!

Final product:


If you try this, please post your results! :D

This is my first tutorial, so sorry for any inconvieniences.

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Uhm, I think ther's no way to add anything. Its clearly simple but a good hint for newbs.

I the only thing to say is, The best opacity for such "glass effects" (with the red [usual white] ellipse) is at ~35 and Blend mode 'Glow' or 'Normal'.

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Wow. My forum has 2,400 views, but only 1 reply. /thinks

Calm yourself. A large percentage of people who read these tutorials don't register on the forum, they just click in from the link in Paint.NET itself.

Don't bump your own thread, even if it's been a year. No, it's not against the rules. Yes, I am locking it anyway. Maybe people aren't commenting on it because they don't like it. "If you can't say anything nice..." and all that.

Or maybe they just haven't tried it. A lot of people look at a tut, then bookmark it to use it later. I do, at least, and I've heard of others.

Bottom line? Just because you haven't received 4 pages of replies doesn't mean diddly squat.


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