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Favourite Comic Strips/Panels!!

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I learned reading along with comics :D

I have so many favourites that I'm just going to name one:


It was as two of my hobbies would have united to form a thing so awesome it cannot be decribed.

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Calvin and Hobbes was my favorite. I don't think there's a single strip I haven't read. As for current webcomics, I like Buttersafe's blunt, no-nonsense humor (The Brothers) and xkcd's slightly nerdier jokes (not a very nerdy example, but I really liked Holy Ghost).

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Gunnerkrigg Court.

It's a full-on story comic. The humor in it is more subtle, but it's there. The plot is extremely well written - seemingly throw-away panels in chapter five turn out to have been pivotal to plot threads in chapter eleven, that sort of thing.

This one, you definitely have to start at the beginning. The character design has evolved drastically in the modern panels, but the writing makes the entire thing worth reading.

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QFTed. It's excellent.

On my blogroll for webcomics (Some are slightly un-family-friendly. In those cases, I've linked to the Wikipedia pages or just not linked at all):

-Ctrl+Alt+Del - Yes, many people don't like it. I understand why. I just disagree. :-)

-Irregular Webcomic! - Hilarious, punny, scientific. I've learned a lot from this webcomic.

-XKCD - Again, very scientific. Probably don't have to explain this one to you too much.

-User Friendly - By many accounts, the oldest webcomic still in existence. It's been running since 1997. Quite geeky. (Noticing a theme?)

-Darths and Droids - An RPG screencap webcomic (à la "DM of the Rings") based on Star Wars.

-The Princess Planet - Almost groanworthy in its punniness.

-The Brads - All about design and freelancing. Very funny.

-Rock Paper Cynic - Similar to XKCD, a one-shot webcomic. Hilarious.

-Gunnerkrigg Court - Dan told me about this. See his review above. :-)

-Order of the Stick - They're on a quest to save the RPG world they live in. Hilarious.

-Garfield Minus Garfield - Garfield is an almost-universally panned comic that somehow still finds its way into our comics pages every day. But what if Garfield were removed?

-Square Root of Minus Garfield - Inspired by Garfield Minus Garfield, this comic edits Garfield strips to make them funnier.

I read all of those on a daily basis, and I find myself to have a funnier life for it. :-P

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I wanted to link Cyanide and Happiness here, but due to it's very un-family-friendly nature, I won't.

Check it out, though. But be sure you are 21+ years old. We don't want no children to be emotionally scarred, do we. *oozing with sarcasm*


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I regularly read:

Questionable Content - Some not family friendly - about a group of mid 20 or so year olds.

Kukuburi - A fantasy strip about a delivery girl that manages to get tangled up in a war in another world, family friendly

Cyanide & Happiness - Need I say more, not family friendly

Irregular Webcomic - Silly, geeky, family friendly

XKCD - Similar to Irregular Webcomic, but also not... as far as I can remember it's family friendly

Scary Go Round - A wild comic about the events that happen in Tackleford, UK. Wacky & funny, family friendly to the best of my knowledge

Orneryboy - About a grumpy guy & his very happy girlfriend & their pet cats, not family friendly

CTRL + ALT + DEL - You know what this is about, right?

Sin Titulo - A film noir style comic with a fantastic plot, not family friendly

and, when it returns

Butternutsquash - About a group of friends in Canada, very funny, not family friendly

Enjoy :)

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I still use this one.

Calvin: "You can't just turn creativity on like a faucet. You have to be in the right mood."

Hobbes: "What mood is that?"

Calvin: "Last-minute panic."

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