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For those interested in my logic, 


Depreciated is an accountancy term which roughly means "diminished value".


Deprecated means "don't use this".

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Performance Update


I've improved the speed and performance, upgraded jquery and bootstrap libraries, and made some minor UI fixes again with recent changes. When loading and using the app, there should be a noticeable difference.


What makes it faster? Instead of toggling the visibility of individual elements on the page, it is now building the html in a JS variable and replacing the entire list html. This way the browser does less work overall. Comparing Chrome performance results, scripting and rendering time has been halved. Comparing Firefox performance results, Layout & DOM time/cost has been halved.

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September Update


Lots of new goodies for all! Enjoy!


Equirectangular Diffuse Transform MJW Transforms an equirectangular environment map into an equirectangular diffuse map that can be used to apply diffuse lighting to a height map


Local Stats Denoising Filter MichaelVinther Noise reduction filter. Works by averaging similar texture patches to reduce noise and at the same time preserve edges and details. Use to improve photos taken at high ISO values.


*This one is still in development*

Make-3D zaya Outputs a faux 3D image where the 3rd dimension (height) is determined by intensity of the color.


Perlin Noise Generator zaya Perlin Noise engine.


Replace Colors + Palette Cipheroid Swap and change colors by typing them as a list. Also the option of using an incremental palette, which clamps RGB colors to increments of a value (useful for limiting colors to a known value).


zKaleidoscope zaya Transform a selection into a mandala (radial symmetry based on some slice of the largest possible circle that can fit in the selection).


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Wow - this area is 'buzzing :)  Thank you Plugin developers 🎂 and a big 😘 to @Ego Eram Reputo for updating this thread every month!

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