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3 hours ago, Pixey said:

Trevor Outlaw has a Plugin that is really neat and it never got published.  It can be found in this thread: 


I've had this situation a few times. Its very difficult for me to keep track of plugins that don't have their own thread. Your best bet is to urge Trevor to release the plugin.

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^^ Okey dokey - will ask him to do this :)

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April Update


Four new plugin this month. Enjoy B)


BlurBlend TrevorOutlaw Run Gaussian blur on a source image with additional of blending options (many are new to


Center Lines ReMake Draw centerlines on the active layer either in the center of the canvas or in the center of a selection.


Object Pruner MJW Conditionally erases 'objects' based on their size (the number of pixels making up the object). 'Objects' are connected regions of non-transparent pixels.


Text Distortion xod Create text and simultaneously apply a preset distortion to warp the result.

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@SodiumEnglish has updated the forum implementation of the Plugin Index. I've just rolled out his changes to the forum post.


Users should see no visual difference except that I've made the post a little taller 😎


If you do experience any issues with the Plugin Index, please let me know.

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