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You're welcome Eli & Seerose :smile:


14 hours ago, Eli said:


Thanks EER for keeping the effects publishing list up to date. Has there been a month without a plugin effect?


I vaguely recall one or two months - some years ago.



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May Update


One new plugin this month:


Rubber Stamp toe_head2001 Transforms an existing image to look like it was created with a rubber stamp.


Enjoy! :)


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June Update


Exactly one new plugin this last month. Just as well it's a beauty ;)


Paste From Clipboard MJW Copies the clipboard image into the active selection or layer. Many options for pasting, including resizing, tiling, offset, rotation, opacity and blending with any existing image.

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July Update


Three new plugins this month, including a couple of new ones from the legendary MadJik. Cool to have you back on the forum Bro!


Fractal attractor MadJik Renders abstract fractals to the selection or layer. Many options including distortion, detail, colorization and zoom level. Soon to be added to the Magical Plugins Megapack.


Recolor Using Palette MJW Recolors each pixel with the nearest color from a specified range in the current palette. The Euclidean distance is used to make the match (minimizes the squared differences between the RGB components)


Sierpinski triangle MadJik Renders the Sierpinski triangle (an infinitely repeating pattern of equilateral triangles) to a selection or layer. Many options including colorization and zoom level. Soon to be added to the Magical Plugins Megapack.


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August Update


Five new plugins this month including a brand new filetype from first time author Rene Slijkhuis. Welcome aboard Rene! :)


Cluster Clear The Number e An effect used to get rid of random ink blots on scanned pages. There are two modes; one builds clusters of pixels outside tolerance of the secondary color, the other builds clusters of pixels within tolerance of the primary color. If the cluster is within the size threshold, it is painted over with the secondary color.


NormalMapPlus MJW  The latest version of the NormalMap plugin (previous versions by Harold and Simon Brown). Uses a Sobel Filter to calculate the first order derivatives of the image (think: emboss). The three sliders control the strength of the effect (depth of the embossing).


Tone Gradient Angle Red Ochre Reinterprets the tone gradient as a height map with directional lighting. Various emboss type effects and coloring options.

Tone Gradient Magnitude Red Ochre Reinterprets the magnitude of the tone gradient to create various outline effects. In other words it creates an outline in proportion to the change in tone.

Windows Imaging Component (WIC) Rene Slijkhuis Adds reading support for all image formats supported by the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) codecs on your computer.

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September Update


Seven new plugins this month. Enjoy! B)


Animal Texture MadJik Creates textures which look like faux animal skins. Magical Plugins Megapack.


Distort This! toe_head2001 This is an update of TR's Distort This! with additional features and optimizations. Distort a layer using four control points. Useful for distorting, stretching or skewing.


Expand Color MadJik Recolors image or selection using Primary or Secondary colors depending on the ratio of the gap to the original color. Can be used to reduce colors or even turn an image bicolored. Magical Plugins Megapack.


Gradient Grid pyrochild Renders gradients into a grid comprised of square cells. Found in Pyrochild's Plugins


Kuwahara Filter null54 A noise-reduction filter which smooths out the subject while preserving the definition of edges between tones.


Recolor Gray MadJik Recolors gray (and other shades) to transform areas of grayscale into full color.Magical Plugins Megapack.


Regular Noise Texture MadJik A texturing plugin which creates patterns using pseudo random noise. Magical Plugins Megapack

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  • 2 weeks later...

Added (it was already listed in Red's plugin pack).


Note that I'm generally unhappy adding plugins which don't have their own thread. It makes keeping the Index up-to-date almost impossible.

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5 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

I'm generally unhappy adding plugins which don't have their own thread. It makes keeping the Index up-to-date almost impossible.

I agree with @Ego Eram Reputo


I own 8 plugins without thread. Mostly because they aren't essentials or that I'm not yet 100% satisfied with them. So I will not be offended if they aren't in the index (they are still in my pack list as bonus).


But it's a work in progress.

As example the Newton Fractal was one of these "homeless" plugins. And I make it really interesting (IMHO) enough to have its own thread.

Same for AutoChrome and ExpandColor...

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October Update


MadJik has 'officially' released some of the plugins contained in his plugin pack. Most of these have had an overhaul in the publishing process.

Texture Object Rounder is a quite fabulous way to give symmetrical silhouettes some real 3D depth!

The DDS filetype update from null54 adds a few new DDS formats to the existing internal DDS filetype.

Note: GenTree is officially flagged as obsolete.



Enjoy! B)


Auto Chrome Grain filler texture MadJik Fills the layer or selection with grains (circles) in three colors Orange (25%), Green (40%) and Purple (35%). The first few grains are first placed on the central canvas. Subsequent grains are distance checked with other grains to obtain the maximum radius possible without overlaying any other grain. All grains could be contiguous. Magical Plugins Megapack


Color Modulo texture MadJik Originally a tool created to find out how a picture is distorted/transformed by over effects (useful with Shape 3D). Uses the color channels to create a variation (modulo) from the ranges of the sliders (mini – maxi). Red is a modulo on the x-axis, green is on the y-axis, blue is oblique. Magical Plugins Megapack


DDS FileType Plus  null54 An extension to the internal DDS FileType, this plugin allows paint.net to open and save the some DDS formats introduced in DirectX 10 and later. Source code has been made available on GitHub.


Nebulous texture MadJik Uses a formula originally provided by Tom Jackson (CodeLab originator) to fill the canvas with a colored pattern (rainbow colors). Magical Plugins Megapack


Newton Fractal texture MadJik Fills the layer or selection with the Newton fractal. The Newton fractal is a boundary set in the complex plane which is characterized by Newton's method applied to a fixed polynomial p ( Z ) ∈ C [ Z ] or transcendental function. Beautiful colorful fractals in other words. Magical Plugins Megapack


Texture Object Rounder MJW Converts objects to rounded height maps.For the most common case of an object that's symmetric about the vertical axis, it produces a height map for the object of rotation. For example, it will convert a filled circle to a spherical height map, a filled isosceles triangle to a conical height map, and a filled rectangle to a cylindrical height map.


Transparent to Transparent Black MJW Changes all pixels with an Alpha value of zero to transparent black (RGBA 0, 0, 0, 0 or #00000000).


XY Coords MadJik Originally a tool created to find out how a picture is distorted/transformed by over effects (useful with Shape 3D). The effect renders regularly spaced X,Y coordinate pairs to the canvas. Magical Plugins Megapack

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