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The definitive and free resource for locating plugins. Updated monthly.

Written and maintained by SodiumEnglish and Ego Eram Reputo

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I've flagged it now :)

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October Update


Following another forum update, I've had to rebuild the Plugin Index. Hopefully all the links and author-hover tags are working :)


Two new plugins this month.


Coordinate Plane Points toe_head2001 Writes multiple pixel coordinates onto the active layer from the center outwards. Spacing is controlled by Step value. Overlay dictiates opacity of white background. No separate topic, only found in Toe-Head2001's plugin pack.


Texture Smoother MJW Attempts to smooth black-and-white height maps into 24-bit height maps using "Laplacian smoothing," which amounts to repeatedly replacing each depth with a weighted average of the depths in the immediate neighborhood.



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Thank you Seerose and Pixey. I've been very busy for far too long. Time to have some fun and work less!

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Here am I. Brain the size of a planet. And you accuse me of quoting HHGttG? Hateful isn't it....:mrviolet:


Watched the movie again recently. Fabulous.

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I really liked Sam Rockwell as Zaphod. The TV version was ... meh.

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November Update


Here's an interesting mix of new plugins for you to try!



Dragan Effect ReMake Simulates the photographic effect made famous by Polish physicist and photographer Andrzej Dragan. The effect enhances the depth of the person and their character by enhancing facial features.


Plugin Browser (updated) toe_head2001 Official re-release of the Dwarf Horde's Plugin Browser following a significant rewrite by toe_head2001. Locate, search and run effects from within the Plugin Browser. List installed plugins by Menu, Author, Alphabetically or by Keyword(s). Bookmark and add comments to your favourite plugins. Find information on plugins and see an effect preview image (where available).


Poster Red Ochre Analyzes the BGR values within a selection, sorts them into bands by Hue, saturation and Tone. Averages these values, then recolors the image.


Render Sphere Height Map MJW Renders a configurable 24-bit height map for a sphere.


Scratch Art ReMake Mimics scratching lines through black paint overlaying colored paper.


Texture Merger MJW Combines two height maps, one on the canvas and the other in the clipboard. Each height map consists of an 8-bit alpha channel and a 24-bit depth, formed by combining the RGB channels into a single 24-bit unsigned integer.



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December Update


Five new plugins this month.


Angled Gradient MJW Draws a gradient in the active layer / selection at the specified angle


BoxFitting NomBot Recomposes an image by reassembling it from squares in many sizes which take their color from the original image.


Compo Grids Red Ochre Renders a range of geometrical grids as an optical aid in design and proportion.


Unselected Rectangle Keeper MJW Erases the background surrounding an unselected region, but keeps the rectangular area which minimally bounds the unselected area. NB: no user interface.


Vanishing point Red Ochre Renders a pair of triangles as an optical aid to determining the vanishing point in a composition.

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Its a list of every plugin created for paint.net. Think of it like an encyclopedia or dictionary. You can look up a plugin by name or author. The downloadable listings are free and include more information than the forum lists.

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You're just in time Seerose! New monthly update is due out tomorrow :smile:

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January Update


Happy New Year!!!


Brush Factory AnthonyScoffler Import and use dynamic brushes with custom shapes as drawing tools.


DotMatrix NomBot Reinterpret an image as if it was composed from colored dots with highlighting and shadowing.


Modify Channels v1.0.0 LWChris Create and configure multiple channel modifications. Each modification manipulates one image channel, using one or more arguments to calculate the new value for the target channel.


Organigram Ego Eram Reputo Renders simple relationship diagrams or organizational charts. Part of EER's Plugin Pack EER's Plugin Pack


ShapeMaker v1.3+ The Dwarf Horde ShapeMaker is a tool which uses a WYSIWYG interface to allow the creation of SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) Shapes, Lines and Curves. paint.net Shapes can be created and manipulated using just the mouse. Extensive documentation in two PDF files supplied in the download. The Dwarf Horde are @toe_head2001, @TechnoRobbo, @Red ochre, @Ego Eram Reputo and @BoltBait.


Tesserae v1.0 NomBot A mosaic effect which uses path brushes to apply a tiled texture to an existing image.

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February Update


Seven new plugins this month, including one each from first time authors xod and Rapido.




Average Object Color MJW Averages the colors of objects.


Black and White+ MJW Adjustment which converts an image to black and white with the option of specifying the weight of each color channel.


Clock Plugin xod Render a circular clock face. Many configurable options in very tall dialog.


HIS Filetype Rapido Load and save HIS His image format (used for X-Ray flatpanels from PerkinElmer).


Mandala NomBot Renders and rotate cardinal splines in color and with various brush settings.


Texture Scaler MJW Utility to rescale height maps.


TileWorld Ego Eram Reputo Uses a point & click interface to tiles square regions of a loaded image onto the active layer.

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