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How to Make a Glass of Wine


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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


In this(my very first PDN Forum tutorial :D ) I will be showing you how to make a glass of wine like this -


This was based around a PS tut that I found here -

http://photo-lessons.blogspot.com/2008/ ... -wine.html

As this was a PS Tut and there was no pen tool(for odd shaped selections) or dodge and burn tool in PDN I thought it would be helpful to show how I drew it.

No extra plug ins are needed for this tutorial ,only the tools and effects built into PDN, so it is ideal for a newbie starting out as well as being something more experienced users might enjoy ( I hope!)

OK, here we go.

1 Start with a transparent canvas of your preferred size. I found the easiest way to do this is press Ctrl-A to select all, then hit the Delete button.Done. One transparent Background.

2.Create a new layer,name it Glass Upper or Top whatever you prefer. Keep the default colours and,using the line tool, draw out the shape of your glass. Then get the magic wand and click anywhere on the layer outside of the glass then invert the selection (Ctrl-I) as shown here -


3.New layer called `Wine'. Colours -Primary ff0000, secondary 7f0000.

Get the Gradient tool set to radial, and draw a gradient from top downwards, then deselect. You should have something like this -


4. Now to give the glass a bit of depth.

Pick the Ellipse Select tool and draw an ellipse at the top of the glass, create a new later, lets call it - Wine Top Surface. Then with the same colours do a linear gradient, then deselect -


5.Now ,so we can see what we are doing a bit better, go to the background layer and using the light and dark grey colours in the palette draw a linear gradient top to bottom.

If you find the wine a bit jaggy , just use Feather (Effects>Object>Feather)on default settings on the appropriate layers.

6.Glass Rim

New layer called `Rim' (surprise surprise!) colour white. Choose the Ellipse tool in `draw shape outline' mode and draw over the top of the wine.

Magic Wand, Invert selection as before, then pick the `Move Selected Pixels' tool and press the upward pointing arrow on your keyboard until the selection is a reasonable height above the wine. Deselect . You should have something like this -


7. Next to help the glassy look do a linear transparent gradient -


Which should give you this-


7.For the highlights on the glass create a new layer called `flare',draw a white line down the side of the glass, reduce the opacity to 50, Gaussian blur at 3 pixels and you should get this -


Duplicate the layer, flip horizontally and position on the other side of the glass and thats the upper part done.


8.The Stem

Draw the stem on a new layer as shown below making sure there are no gaps.


9.Duplicate and flip the layer the same as for the glass highlight, merge the stem layers together and erase any unwanted lines . Finally reduce the opacity of the layer to 50 which should leave you this-


Select the whole glass with the Magic Wand , colour it black,do a linear reflected gradient and adjust using Curves similar to these -


Of course this is just a guide - your Curves may be different, just play with the settings until you find something you like.

After deselecting you should be left with something like this -



10.The Base

Basically you are just repeating the previous steps only on a different shape.

New layer called Base. Draw an ellipse,coloured black. Layer opacity reduced to 50.Select the default colours and reverse them so that white is now the primary colour , then do a radial gradient. You might need to do a transparent radial gradient to blend the base to the stem as shown below -


And thats it. Hopefully you will have a nice glass of wine like in this final image -


There.I hope you enjoyed this tutorial . Now lets see you have a go. 😉



Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

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(first post)

:shock: :shock: :shock:

(Starts a little dance on the floor but is too lazy to finish so gets back on chair and continues typing)

This looks awesome! One of the best tutorials I've ever seen!

Trying it out now, will post what I made later.

"The truth is just an excuse for having a lack of imagination."

Photobucket sucks!
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Have you got the wine on a separate layer? You could try shrinking it slightly to take it away from where the glass is supposed to be.

I love your base/stem combo - much nicer than mine. The stem would look even better if it was `stretched' so it`s taller and thinner.Seems a bit `stubby' at the mo. :)



Please feel free to visit my Gallery on PDNFans

And my Alternatives to PDN

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