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Simon B's Plugin Pack: custom brushes, editable text and more (2014-06-22)

Simon Brown

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I followed all the installation instructions for adding PlugIns to Paint.net but when I view inside of the Effects & File Type folders, both are empty. Am I doing something wrong?

Here is a step-by-step guide I followed.

Downloaded Pack.

Opened in IE.

Copied all files.

Right-click on Paint.net.

Clicked on Properties.

Clicked on Open File Location.

Double Clicked on Effects folder.

Pasted all Links.

Completed, folder remains empty.

Went back and did same process with the single file in filetypes but pasted in filetypes.

Still nothing,...

Please help.

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You're out of memory - see my reply in the troubleshooting forum.

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Saw the reply; thanks. Not sure why Custom Brushes is using 2GB of memory: never did before--I frequently used Custom Brushes before reformatting my hard drive and reinstalling Paint.Net. I wonder, then, what has changed and whether I may have installed a more memory intensive version of the brushes software.

You're out of memory - see my reply in the troubleshooting forum.

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Hello Simon & Everyone

I have a silly question... :greengrin:

Is there a list of all the different brushes on PDN in order that also shows an example of the effect of the brush? If not could one be made?

I could possibly create this list myself with a little guidance.

Please let me know as soon as possible...I have a project on hold because I am looking for an airbrush effect and am not having much luck.

Also I'm looking for a glow brush for some of my other projects I have lined up.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you very much.

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