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My colors keep changing...

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Hey folks,

I have been searching but I can't find a topic on this. As I've said in other posts I've been creating color palettes for my design work. These are all based on set scales of HSV values. Unfortunately I noticed when I was building a particular palette I went back to check a color and noticed that after I had placed it the HSV value had changed. Also... when I copied one completed scale and adjusted it's hue to the next step... some of the color's Saturation and Values had altered and even some of the hues themselves did not move by the correct number of steps. Does anyone know how to fix this? I spent all weekend hand building a large palette graphic only to find out the colors keep drifting. As near as I can tell this happens in The Gimp, but not photoshop, so I know it's possible to produce consistent HSV color charts that don't drift. I'd just rather use Paint.net than the bulky Photoshop juggernaut.

An example...

Plug in 45,80,45 for HSV... fill a blank window... Select another color... then eyedrop on the filled space and you'll see that it has changed to 45,80,44 This is a minor case, but I've seen some pretty big swings by the tune of 1 or 2 points on BOTH S+V sliders after placement. The only one that seems to stay consistent is the HUE value when placing colors. Though as I said all three values go nuts to the point that color scales start banding really bad using the adjustments window if you take a step of more than a few points, and is cumulative if you copy paste copy paste scales more than a few times. I read on another post that this was because of some calculation, but they were discussing the Hue changer for an overall image and not the color sliders themselves.


Edit: I think I just figured out why this is happening.. Paint.net doesn't actually support HSV (the colors come back completely wrong in some areas of Photoshop) I suppose I'll have to design and code my palettes entirely in RGB then since it seems no program except Photoshop can actually make the HSV to RGB calculation correctly (tried 4 others with same result) Incidentally in my testing it would appear that PDN is picking the lowest value of the RGB's (rounding down) instead of the median as I could still fix each color by in every case I found increasing the R,G, or B, values evenly (to not disrupt the H value) or decreasing them by 2 points on the RGB scale.

As a side not would it be possible for the color picker to do a reverse check on a color when the HSV color is set to make sure the RGB re-translates back to that same HSV? Seems like it'd be a pretty simple calculation and then it could just make a quick adjustment of +1 or +2 to it. Either that or someone could build a hardcoded conversion lookup table, but that may be problematic when switching colors frequently as there are 16 million in the entire RGB spectrum.

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