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Black and White Converter v1.1 (2009-07-08)

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Here is something to play with! :)

Download as part of my plugin pack.


Open from Effects>Photo




Updated to v1.1 (2009-07-08)!

Few usability improvements:

* Default color for channel mixer is fixed to a certain green (rgb:76,150,29) in order to produce "standard" gray balance

* Removed the "Enable" check box for channel mixer, as now you can return to standard gray by using channel mixer's reset button

* Default color for Tint is primary color (was secondary before)


The slider controls are same as in my Basic Adjustments plugin. Color wheels are different.

- Channel Mixer

Adjusts how much weight each color channel transfers to final brightness. If reset to default then „standard“ grayscale is applied.

- White Level

sets the white point of an image. higher number makes white brighter, lower makes darker. It can be called "exposure" in terms of photography.

- Black Level

sets the black point of an image. higher number makes black darker, lower makes brighter.

- Tone (Dark / Bright)

applies "gamma curve", making image look darker or brighter. No shadows or highlights are clipped.

- Contrast

applies "s-curve", enhancing contrast of middle tones. No shadows or highlights are clipped.

- Tint

Applies a shade of single color to final image. The result is similar to Colorize effect in PS (based on my few quick tests).

Check box „Pick hue and saturation only“ makes it easier to work with the color wheel: when checked, it disables the color value slider and uses constant value around 40 instead of default 100. This is because darker colors are usually better for tint. Uncheck this option to fine-tune the result with color value slider.


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