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How do I create VLC like traffic icon (of photoshop tut)


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Bravely I tried to replicate this tutorial aimed at Photoshop users in my own Paint.NET.

http://psd.tutsplus.com/drawing/illustr ... photoshop/

Unfortunately when I came to Step 6, things came to a halt lol as there is no Pen Tool within Paint.NET. Yes of course we can render trainagle shapes well in PDN with such effects as Polygon and Rectangle Polygon but I had no clue on how to manipulate the rendered triangle to bend the shape inwards and outwards. Thought I could use a photoshop tut paint.net - yeah, was only trying.

If anyone could help on a suitable tutorial on how to create a traffic cone like this, with a Paint.NET, that would be helpful.

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yellowman: Try to find my new lava lamp on my dA. and you will see. :wink:

That tut was older method (1-TubeOblique, 2-Octagonal/quad reshape/matte)

, lava lamp2 was newer method using S3D.

And people, remember to never cross oma, she will remember forever! :shock: :D


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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Ash, I am not saying any thing, I just believe you, and may be oma is here in this forum for long time ago and every thing had grown up before her eyes not like me, that's why she remember every thing, I am using the Paint.NEN for more than 3 yrs without any plugin, the first plugin I downloaded was in last Oct. ( less than a year)the month that I signed-up to this forum.

I don't count on Paint.NET search feature I never find what I am searching for in the first page,

I am kind of person if I don't find the thing that I want in the first page_ not just this forum but even in the most famous search engines_ I click the back button, And also if a page takes more than 7 seconds to open I do same thing, click back or another link. Any ways, I was searching for your tutorial to submit the link here to help janbo saving his time, your time and my time as well, I am seeing lots of posts contains no details or help for new askers , just use the search or provides the search link, and that I don't like really, I wish if my English is good to answer all posted questions with boring details. :|

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:lol: Yellowman There are so many ways to do things here on Paint.net. and I was just saying how I did this ( it is an method ASH taught me early in my paint.net useage. ) Contrary to what everyone thinks I've not been here since the start of the program. But I do have a good memory and an excellent little cheat sheet card system. I try to acknowledge and write down who actually taught me something. We have lost a few good members in the past because they thought did not get credit for making new method. So now if I have in my notes I try to say who taught it to me. It may not be the creator of the method but it is who taught me. :lol::lol:

I think when ASH says I do not forget he doesn't mean the methods he means the little odd ball things people say. :lol::lol: I have been known to dreg up from the past little tidbits and comments made by some of our members over the craziest subjects.

PS today I play with sketchup. fun I make this cone 3d. :lol: still paint.net much much easier.


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