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I'm too much of a scrooge to buy a tablet. xD I wish I could get my hands on one though. Maaaybe in the future. I draw/ink by hand traditionally (then I play with the levels) and color with a mouse.

My best friend on Paint.NET is the line tool. When I shade, I use it to make my shapes clean and smooth.

: > yup yup

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hello welcome to the forum. nice drawings, you have a very pleasant style, lightheated and playful. It shouldn't be too long before you make your own textures in this program, and you can say its all your work and will not have to link to someone else on the DA.

you should put a link to your DA gallery in your sig here.

see mine below I link to my gallery here and to my gallery at DA. That way we can check your work both places.

ciao and once again welcome.

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