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Entertaining, Can you solve this math problem?

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Did you guys/girls see this problem before? :roll: I saw it on the net but don't remember where:

I am thinking about it but I can't understand why there is one complete centimeter square missing after changing the position of those 4 shapes (red, yellow, blue and green) keeping there exact size and shapes unchanged :roll::roll: ?


From where this gap came?


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Here is how it is done (hidden if you want to figure it out for yourself)

Hidden Content:
The angles on the verticies of the two triangles are different (red triangle has a gradient of 2.67:1, green triangle has a gradient of 2.5:1). This causes a inward bow in version 1 and an outward bow in version 2. The size of the difference is exactly one square.

Neat trick, I've not seen it before. :)

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