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Small Suggestion

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I suggest Paint.NET somehow makes a way to figure out what plugins are not working.

Is there a way you could program an action to run each plugin without closing Paint.NET down (when an error occurs), and tell which .dll in the effects folder is the problem?

It could maybe create a prompt: This may take a large amount of time, please do not operate the computer in any other way while running this. Are you sure you want to continue? Y/N

And then it does its thing for a while and after being finished creates a text on your desktop of which .dll's are not working.

If its not possible to tell which .dll isn't working maybe just which effect so people can figure it out on themselves?

This seems like it would be extremely hard to code and it is just an idea.

I cannot make this myself seeing as I have no idea what Paint.net can/cannot do or what/what not is 'code-able.' Sorry


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To do this plugins would probably have to be run in a seperate process or appdomain. I had tried to implement this just for CBM (although in this case just use a custom crash handler) but couldn't without changing PDN to use my handler for the rest of the session - and future versions of CBM may run in separate processes or appdomains. I'm guessing having PDN run effects in separate processes or appdomains would complicate things although i'm not certain of the details as I haven't delved into it much.

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