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How do you do this.

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This isn't the erase the background it's where you have a image with no background like;


and I want to paste it on a background like;


but I can't figure out how to do it. On paint the normal regular paint there is a button the looks like this;paintthingy.jpg that makes the image able to be posted on a different image/background. But I can't figure out how to do that on paint.net


Please help my crisis.

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ok use the magic wand tool to select the white around the girl, press delete, and save that picture as a .png. That file type allows for transparency.

Then add a new layer to the image you want it on top of and open your other image. Select aroudn the girl with the magic wand, press Cntrl+I(invert) do Cntrl+C(Copy) and paste on the background of your choosing.

When using the magic wand, :MagicWandTool: , change the tolerance at the top whatever you want.

When pasting to the new layer, make sure you select keep canvas size.

When resizing the girl to fit the picture, hold shift to keep the aspect ratio of the original

Also read the section rules for Newbie Playground, it is a subforum in Tutorials:

Posting In General:

1. This forum is for Tutorial Publishing only; not requests for tutorials or general "how do I..." type questions.

2. Please post questions about a specific tutorial in the thread for that tutorial.

Here are the general rules:


Here is the best tool to search for anythign Paint.NET!:


Please try this for yourself and dont just use these, I want you to learn:

Resizing a picture makes it look much better(Image -> resize), here is an example using your pictures:


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