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Does anyone know which effect does this?

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This set of images are used as a roll-over effect for a website. I did not make these, but I need to make more for a website and do not know how to do this. I believe they were made in photoshop, but i'm using paint.net because i cant afford photshop. :lol:

Thanks everyone for any help I get!



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pipp92 is quite correct. The following advice relies that you have the logo to be outlined on its own layer.

You can use either of the outline plugins (Outline Object by BoltBait, or one under the same name by pyrochild) to create an outline. To blur them is dependant on the settings you choose: a little experimentation will be required, but the general rule-of-thumb is that BoltBait's plugin needs a low strength, and pyrochild's a very high softness. This will create you an outline to the object with blur.

As well, you can use KrisVDM's Drop Shadow plugin much to the same effect.

Alternatively, you can:

- duplicate your logo's layer ( :DuplicateLayer: );

- use Curves (Adjustments menu > Curves) to whiten the logo (on RGB mode you need to take the curve to the utmost top-left);

- Gaussian Blur as required (Effects menu > Blurs > Gaussian Blur).

Hope something of this helps. Good luck!

If you need to search for any of the plugins, we highly recommend: http://searchpaint.net/

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