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How to make a comet.


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In this tutorial, I teach you how to make a comet like in my sig. PS! *= Optional

Step 1. Start a new layer sized: Width: 375 and height: 150. Paint the area with black.


Step 2. Choose a color (whatever you desire) and make brush width 25. Click once near the right edge to make a dot.


Step 3. Change the brush width to 24. Make an another dot so that it will be about 2/3 over the first dot. Repeat this until your brush width is 3. (Zoom to 200% so that you could be precise and the comet would not curve).



Step 4. Choose the white color :Colors: and brush width 20. Repeat the step 3 but with these <-- instructions. Repeat until your brush size is 1.


Step 5. Effects > Blurs > Zoom Blur :ZoomBlur: . Place the center right in the tip of the comet. Zoom amount 100. Repeat Zoom Blur by pressing Ctrl + F.



Step 6. Effects > Photo > Glow :Glow: Radius: 10.


Step 7. Zoom Blur once more on the exact same position where you blurred it before. Zoom Amount 100.


*Step 8. You can make it look cooler by adding ''moving stars''. Select magic wand :MagicWandTool: Tolerance: 35%. Click outside the comet. Effects > Noise > Add Noise :AddNoise: . Intensity: 70, Color Saturation: 0, Coverage: 15.00 (you may change the coverage amount if you want it but not too much) Deselect the selection :RectangleSelectTool: .


*Step 9. Effects > Blurs > Motion Blur :MotionBlur: . Angle 00.00, Distance changes between 5 - 20 depending on how big the coverage amount of the Noise is.


And youre done! :D Please show off your results, Im curious :D

Thank you. :D


''What's your passion?''

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Everheat, You have a great tutorial. I don't mean to harm it or you in anyway,

but thought you might take a look at this one by -Expiration- named "Helio Ignite Sig©®"

and found here > viewtopic.php?f=15&t=22438.

It was a challenge to me as I was new to PDN forum at the time.

Keep up the good work.

Is it me --or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?

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Yep. This is a duplicate tut. You may feel free to post this as a reply/alternative method to the Ignite tut.


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