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Determing colors

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Hey guys. I was a photoshop user and I am trying to find this functionality in Paint.net:

I could open an image in photoshop and then open the color tool on the left and then click on the image and then the exact hex code of that color would show up on the color tool. Does Paint.Net have something like this? This would benefit me tremendously!


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At the top of the Colors window, click the [More >>] button on the right. That will give you access to fine-tuning options. The fourth box down is the Hex Code box. You can use that box both to get the hex code for the current color and to input a new hex code to change the color. This is useful for getting back to solid white, as finding the exact center of the color wheel can be difficult at times.

Hope that helps!


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What I would like is in photoshop say you have an image you opened that has a red background. When you open the colors option window in photoshop, you could click on the image and in the hex box would appear the hex code for the pixel you just clicked. I know how to manually change the color using hex, but I want to find what the hex color is of a specific pixel in an image.

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