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I know many guides are available here and mods will be unhappy with me for creating a new thread.

But i really need your help guys, i'am a new user of paint.net and want to learn to make different effects and icons so just tell me from where i should start and i also want all the plugins till date.

And i am making a theme and wanted some help on some small icon can any one help me or give me a guideline.

I need your help badly please reply.

Regards ADDU.

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Better yet, make you question clear (Just as you should change to a clear subject for this thread) so others know how to help you.

1. For basic understanding of PDN, press F1 while PDN is active.

2. Go to the plugin forum and check out each of them and download. A list of most useful plugins are on my googlepage.

3. Now you got them plugins, mess around. Go to tut forum and learn.

4. Then I bet you will be able to ask better questions.

5. Change you title now! Next mod who see this will most likely lock it.

6. Good luck and have fun PDN-ing.


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