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Hey everyone,

So I was wondering... I am wanting to make a logo for a group that I am in.

But I wanted to make an official looking logo.

You know all of the government departments have their own logos with their department name surrounding their emblem... can that be done in Paint.net without having to move each individual letter and rotating them?


Is there a plugin for this?

I figured this would have to be done in two parts... the top and then bottom.

Thank you and God bless,



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You're going to want to take a look at the Tube Oblique and the Shape3D plugins. Both can do the arced text. Just type them on their own layer and go for it!

I don't know what tutorial Vectawr thinks he's found...


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madjik made this mini tut maybe that can help a bit in what you wish to do. page 514 of the old pictorium

1. Create a square image large enough to keep a good quality of the text. (ex: 800x800)

2. Write your text centered and from size to size of the image with a little left/right margin.

...The text must be at 1/4 of the height from the top.

...(ex: for 800x800 image, the text must be around y=200 and the size you want but 100px maximum)

3. Press Ctrl+G to rotate the image.

4. Effect/Render/Shape3D, sphere: all default except:

...Texture map: full sphere map (or half sphere map repeat)

...Scaling: 1.50 (or adjust as you need)

...X axis rotation: 90°

...Light: uncheck

I used this method above with the addition of tilting and rotating layers for this image

http://omagrandmother.deviantart.com/ar ... t-69591366

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