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New Camera?

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How much is your budget? For high end compact camera the CANON PowerShot SX200 IS, is excellent camera ( you can buy it with less shown price), for a low budget the PANASONIC DMC-TZ5K, you can buy the last one with 200$ only, try Costco. Both these cameras also record HD video in resolution of 1280 x 720, try samples from YouTube.

I don't own any one of them but I heard a lot about them both.

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I have an Aiptek HD camcorder. I have used it to shoot all the video on my You Tube channel. It will do 1280 X 720 video and 8 megapix stills. They also make a 1080i version now. It will also work as a mp3 player and a voice recorder. It has a night shot function for low light video, a strobe flash and uses a SD card for memory. I like the SanDisk Ultra II cards because they seem to record better when doing action video. It is small and very light weight so I carry it with me every day. You never know when you might see something you want to video. I really love it.


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