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Blurring skin imperfections??

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I know how to blur out a pimple... that's easy.... but what about blurring or blending some thigh cellulite? I really need some tips on how to do this. I'd appreciate it a whole bunch!! I searched the forum using the keyword 'cellulite' but to my surprise nothing showed up (I guess not many gals with cellulite use paint.net? lol).

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lol guess we all are a real skinny bunch.

anyways kaitiebugs the two photoshop tuts I looked at only used gaussian blur and something like the smudge plugin or perhaps faking soft brushes viewtopic.php?f=38&t=26981. also I'm 99% sure you could use the brushes plugin by Simon. I beleive it came with a soft brush.

In the photo shop tuts they used two layers the bottom one is original photo top one is the gassiaun blured one and the one you use soft brushes on..

so you could easily convert using the same steps they use in their tuts. you would have to fiddle around with what settings you want to use. but both those tuts give aprox values, so they say the same thing depending on photo and how much celulite values vary..

both tuts are easily found thru google using celulite + photoshop. just do the same steps using free paint.net program.



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