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Magic Wand help needed !

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Afternoon all.

I'n new here, love the Paint program...and have a very simple question:

I have used the Magix Wand to change a certain color and love it! Now comes the 'newbie' question...How do I stop the Magix Wand?

In other words I have the color I want, all is fine, but the &^*% is still going LOL...I have tried everything, and it is still there (I know, I have not tried everything because if I did, I would not be writting this post !)



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not sure what you mean its possible you have missed a step somewhere in your work.

do you know how to do a screen capture. and load to photobucket? if so just PM a screen shot to me. its likely something really easy once you know what you are missing.

perhaps its as simple as cliking on another type of tool after you have deselected. if you still have the wand tool selected and tap your mouse cursor to the screen its going to select it all again.

ciao OMA

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