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I need to make changes for the heading/banner for my website

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I need a heading for my website. I have a picture that is not wide enough. The pix is 780x150 but I need it to be at least 1050 wide, over the whole width of the website, 3 columns (check out my website). I already tried different things but since I don't really know what I'm doing, I have spent quite a few hours with no results.

I'm completely new to website building and paint.net. So please be use laymen's terms with me and baby steps for explanations if you would please. Your help will be greatly appreciated. :D



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If you want to enlarge your image, use Image - Canvas Size. (open your existing banner first)

Decide where you want your current banner anchored (center, left etc), Make sure Maintain Aspect Ratio is NOT ticked. Then enter the new diamensions.

White canvas will appear around you existing image, ready for you to fill as you like.

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