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PDN plugin pack - I don't think this is allowed...


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Nice site, but yes, there is the copyright question. :?

And another question: How do i know these plugins are always up to date?

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How do i know these plugins are always up to date?

You don't. That's why most of us plugin authors prefer to keep the forum as the centralized plugin repository.


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I have tried three times to get them to remove my plugins, but their automated contact form won't accept my email address.

I shall have to try another method....,

Nice site

Nice looking, yes, but it's laid out using tables, ugh!

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I still can't get the site to load. But no, this is not allowed. Happens about every five or six months.


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Since I couldn't contact them directly, I contacted the site it was hosted on.

I have a virus on my system!

The above address publish my copyrighted plugins without permission. I cannot contact them directly as their contact page doesn't work for me.

You can view where the plugins were published originally at the following link:


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Since they haven't responded, i've sent them an email to their whois proxy with their domain in the subject line. I now know that they run the site given the link on their home page.

To: dns@affiliatesrus.com.au

Subject: Software Piratescom.au

My name is Simon Brown (aka sabrown100) and I wrote several plugins that you have posted on your site. Most contain copyright notices and as such they are copyrighted under at least British law. Please remove them immediately.

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