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~~BabyBlue's sketches ~~


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  • 5 months later...

Oh my another Blue :shock: , lovely sketches. The teddy bear is fantastic, gosh if i could draw like that when i was 11...all i could make were stick men back then :lol: . Hope to see them coloured and some more work from you. Sure you will catch up with your dad in no time :wink:

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Excuse me, let me make this clear.

If there was no discussion in a thread for over a quarter of the year, you consider it.. dead.

The same could count for accounts, imo.

If she made that posts in between a longer time period, . . . wait.

*looks and checks*

Woah, she's back :shock:

Excuse me, I'm sorry, that post was never meant to be an insult to you or your daughter, I apologise :oops:

My God, this is embarrassing.


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